Time alone with my writing is magical, the hour of sorcery, my only salvation when everything around me threatens to come crashing down. — Isabel Allende



Fees are on a sliding scale beginning at $150 for a 1 ½- hour session

Consultations also available via Skype and phone




Elana listens to the story that wants to be told and guides students to trust and follow this story.

Each session begins with a short centering meditation, a bridge between the world of the mundane and the sacred world of art. Something magical happens when we relinquish our control to the great creative power inside of us. Listening with the eye of the heart, Elana supports her students in the creation of powerful works.


What students say:

Elana connects writers with the essence and heart of their own creativity, no matter what the medium.” Gloria Garvin, Ph.D., writer and educator


“My friend, Tony-nominated actress Michele Shay, said, ‘If you want the best, call Elana!’ I worked in one of Elana’s groups in Los Angeles for a year before moving to New York, then continued our sessions over the phone. Her extraordinary guidance was no less palpable from across the country. With Elana’s help, I successfully submitted my play to The Sundance Theatre Lab. My writing blossomed under her watchful eye, deep sensitivity, and wisdom.” — Erik Liberman, Broadway, TV and Film Actor, Writer and Director