Saturday Creative Writing Workshops

 Offered on the 4th Saturday of every month 9:30AM – 6:30PM (in November and December they are on the 3d Saturday).



Limited to 5 writers per workshop

Location: Hollywood, near the intersection of La Brea and Beverly Blvd.

Fee: $150 for one workshop; $275 for two workshops and $400 for three if paid in advance.

Vegetarian/vegan lunch included, and teas and snacks.

In the peaceful atmosphere of the Saturday workshop and with the help of meditations that quiet the critical mind, writing becomes possible, cathartic, transformational.  You can write memoir or fiction.  Each workshop is focused around an inspirational theme or myth.  I work tailor-made with each participant.  You’ll write three times for about one hour each time, and receive constructive, respectful feedback on your work.  You’ll surprise yourself by the material you’ll be producing.  Experienced and beginning writers are welcome.

“My fiction and creative non-fiction have been published, and I’ve taken a lot of writing classes.  But a Saturday workshop with Elana Golden and her intuitive, wise, and gentle guidance has set me on a whole new, very constructive path in my writing.  Thanks, Elana!” Bill Ratner, Author, actor, voice-over artist

“Elana Golden is an amazing teacher who inspires the student’s creativity in a unique and magical way.  I gained volumes from her writing course, which opened up a story that has lived in me forever.  Now it is taking me on the extraordinary journey only a story can provide.  We write it, while it writes us and in the end, we are never the same!  I highly recommend her offerings to anyone that wants to unleash their full Creative Potential.”  Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD; Chairwoman, President & Founder, Institute of Advanced Healing; USM grad.

“My dear friend and teacher Elana Golden, holds the best writing workshops and classes I’ve experienced.  Check it out. Her ongoing classes and workshops are a gift to anyone, beginner or experienced writer who wishes to expand their craft.” Mimi Fuenzalida, filmmaker, writer, USM grad.

To contact me email Elana Golden or call me at 323.936.2601

ELANA GOLDEN, MA, screenwriter, director, educator, founded the Writing Studio™ in 2000, and has taught since then over 3500 classes and workshops to new and experienced writers from a diversity of cultures.  A student of eastern philosophy and meditation, peace and human-rights activist, Elana creates workshops that nurture the soul and are an exceptional educational experience in the art of creative writing.  Elana holds a BFA in film from New York University and an MA in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

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