LAUSD Salary Point Credit Classes


We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.― Anaïs Nin




2 series:

1. Turn Life Stories into Literature/ #NA-05-93

2. The Hero’s/Heroine’s Transformational Journey/ #NA-05-124 (NA-05-93 is a prerequisite)


Each series gives you 1 Salary Point Credit for 30 in-class hours, and 2 Salary Point Credits with 6 additional homework hours a week (rewriting, editing, reading). Taking the 2 series will give you 4 Salary Point Credits.


10 classes, Monday or Thursday 6:30 – 9:30PM; or Wednesday 1:15-4:15PM. Or the workshop on the 4th Saturday of each month 9:30AM – 6:30PM.

Weekly classes and the Saturday workshops can be combined to add up to the total hours required.


Flexible Enrollment – $300 for each series – small groups – in Hollywood near the intersection of La Brea and Melrose.


Elana has been certified to teach Creative Writing to LAUSD teachers for Salary Point Credits since 2010.



The 2 series use Greek myths and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, respectively, to inspire story.  The skills of creative writing are taught and explored as well as methods to quiet the critical mind.  The atmosphere is safe and confidential. Participants produce work that surprises even themselves.

Elana Golden is a screenwriter, director and teacher with a BFA in film from New York University and MA is spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica.  She creates workshops that nurture the soul and are an exceptional educational experience in the art of writing.


For more information and registration please email Elana Golden or call her at 323.936.2601


What an LAUSD teacher says:

Elana’s writing workshop awakened the dormant writer in me, with her encouragement, expertise, and validation. I now have a renewed passion for writing. Her workshops are a safe haven for experienced and emerging writers, free of judgement and conventional expectations. Mil Gracias Elana!”  Marina Cedillo Middle School English Teacher