Writing our story takes us back to some moment of origin when everything was whole, when we were whole. — Deena Metzger



Fees are on a sliding scale beginning at $150 for a 1 ½-hour session



Profound positive changes happen while writing in the weekly classes and Saturday workshops. But some people, dealing with heavy addiction, depression or loss, need one-on-one time and attention.

The Greek Theater from 2500 years ago pointed to artistic expression as cathartic and healing. From her own life experiences, Elana has learned that in times of crisis, creativity is the best antidote, and she is committed to helping others heal through the art of creative writing.




What students say:

“After a few classes with Elana, I discovered not only that I could write creatively about my life, but I also found the confidence within myself to write an important letter and tackle a personal situation I had been unable to face for many years. I did not just find my writing voice, but a strong, independent woman’s voice.” Giti, engineer and mother of three


“Elana creates a space of sacred freedom where the creative soul inside of you cannot help but come alive. Her words of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration have helped me get in touch with the writer and creative being that I always wanted to be, but didn’t believe that I was. I have written in Elana’s presence hundreds of times in the past few years, and every time I am surprised by what comes out. With Elana’s help I have learned to trust my own creative process, to find and love my own unique voice, and to tell the stories that want to be told. These stories have been sometimes painful, sometimes joyful, sometimes difficult, and always healing.” Kristen Leahy, M.A. Writer, dancer, dance therapist