Coaching Actors


The simplicity of the preparation accounts for the complexity of the performance — Milton Katselas



Coaching actors for auditions; film, theater and TV parts; and creating a one person show.

PRIVATE SESSIONS FEE: $150 for a 1½ hour session; $450 for a series of 4 sessions of 1½ hours paid in advance.  Skype sessions available for the creation of a one person show.

THE SMALL COACHING GROUP is limited to 7 actors and meets on Wednesday nights 7:00 – 10:00PM. Can be joined at any time and open to experienced and new actors.  Commitment for 4 sessions to be taken within a 6-week period.

FEE: $325 paid in advance.

The class is structured to allow each actor to work in each session.  The atmosphere is safe, inspiring, and supportive.

LOCATION: Hollywood, near the intersection of La Brea and Beverly Blvd.




Highly educated and experienced in the techniques and methods of acting, Elana is primarily intuitive, visceral, and views the actor’s work through the eye of her heart.  She creates an environment that encourages vulnerability and deep personal daring.  As trained by her teacher, the late Milton Katselas, Elana coaches the actor to be a person — not an actor — when working on a character.

While gentle in her approach, Elana has a finely-tuned taste and demands rigorous specificity, authenticity, and detailed work.  Anton Chekchov said that the writer writes the play, the director writes the play, and the actor writes it again.  As a screenwriter and director, Elana, together with the actor, will transform words on the page into a convincing and engaging life.


What actors say:

“I have recently coached privately with Elana Golden on the script for my solo show, via Skype.  Although the focus was mainly on the text and peripherally on the acting, Elana was very helpful to me in that regard.  As with any great teacher in the Arts, Elana focuses on truth, clarity, and the expression of your own unique voice. As a veteran of three Broadway shows I can attest to the fact that Elana is savvy and intuitive in all the areas required to bring a script to life.” Mary Macdonald Hamill, NYC, actress, Broadway, Joe Pepp Public Theater, TV.


“After blocking the one-woman-play I had written, I realized I was not emotionally connected to the material. Within a few hours of working with Elana I was able to slow down, speak directly from my vulnerability and trust the words I myself had written. The audience cried and laughed and gave me a standing ovation.” Brenda Adelman, writer and actor of “My Brooklyn Hamlet”


“While workshopping the material for a one woman play, Elana helped me bring my energy from the head to my body and heart, and in this way, turn psychology into behavior and character.” Frankie Coleman: writer, actor.